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You are an Expert? Help Provide Telemedicine Service to Nigerians!

We Need Experts!!

Without doubt Telemedicine is a veritable tool in transforming healthcare delivery in Nigeria. Telemedicine enables clients to access healthcare expertise/resources without the expert and the client needing to travel to enjoy this service. It has the capabilities to save time,money and space.

As part of our initiative to transform the Nigeria Healthcare space and improve the quality of care to Nigerians, irrespective of their location through information technology, Sabaoth Technologies Ltd have teamed up with Telemedicine and Ehealth In Nigeria (TEN), a non-governmental organization that shares a common focus and objective to provide telemedicine services in a sustainable manner to Nigerians.

We are currently putting final touches to the technical platform and we believe the time is set to build up the supply side of the equation: Finding Experts who are willing to devote their time and energy to help clients in Nigeria who critically need their service without the necessity of them travelling to meet the client or the client travelling to meet them (at least in the first instance). We would bridge the distance using our technology platform with APMIS at the core.

The services provision would include

1) Teleconsultation: This is a a clinical service session which can be done in real time (sysnchronous) or in a store and forward manner (asynchronous) wherein the client information is uploaded in a secure manner and you get to review and make your recommendation as required. Please note that this service includes both laboratory, radiology, pharmceutical, physiotherapy and other allied service as well as core medical consultation.

2) Tele-education service: There is a dearth of clinical expertise across all profession within the healthcare domain. Through this service, you teach a cohort of audience in a manner convenient to you. This again could be done in real time or in an asynchronous manner.

We believe this medium would provide opportunities for colleagues especially those in the diaspora who would like to contribute their quota in helping transform the healthcare indices of this country within the shortest possible  time without the burden to physically travel to Nigeria.

We would be able to stem the tide of medical tourism in a significant manner as our services grows and become mainstream. This service would be offered in collaboration with various hospitals within the country as well as via direct patient enagement.

You would have the choice to decide whether you want to offer your service under a “paid for” arrangement  or pro bono.

If you are interested in participating as an expert, please take a moment to fill the form here:
Sign up !

Please help spread the word and encourage as many experts as you know to sign up for this service.

We look forward to working with you in transforming healthcare in Nigeria.

Thank you

Dr Simpa Dania
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PS: we would be working with the NMA, the various colleges and various diaspora medical organization to promote this platform sequel to our presentation at MANSAG and engagement with ANPA. Please if you do have contact to organization that can assist and also provide a filter of experts enrolling on our platform

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SMS4PREGNANCY: SAVING ONE MILLION LIVES….coming to a healthcare center near you!

Right, appropriate and timely information is unquestionably a very important factor in antenatal care. With the present daunting statistics for our country’s maternal mortality rate, very many women do not have access to this much needed bank of information. In view of this we have put together in short message service [sms] mode, all that a woman needs to know to have an uneventful pregnancy and a safe delivery.

The system is designed in such a way that the patient gets a text message every day through the entire period of her pregnancy and afterwards. With this she has the right information at her finger tips wherever she may be. We also have included a sms hotline for interactivity as well as a medical call center.

This service would be translated to the indigenous language and further developed to provide voice call /audio files which can be referenced from the mobile phones of the pregnant women.

The text messages have been assessed, reviewed and verified by Consultants and Nurses at the University College Hospital Ibadan as well as other renowned medical professionals.

This is not meant to and cannot replace their antenatal visits but it rather reinforces the need for compliance with these visits and is offered as a value added service to antenatal care. We are reaching out to the general public via the antenatal clinics in order to foster antenatal visits among expectant mothers and to increase the choice of skilled personnel as a care provider during child birth.

We are currently looking at partnership with various organization to deliver this service nationwide.

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