Solution To Your Health IT Challenge

eHealth is an emerging knowledge domain. Although many companies have attempted to harness the power of information communication technology to improve services in the healthcare sector, most have failed. Very few people, particularly in developing countries such as Nigeria, have the expertise to implement appropriate protocols and fully utilize this technology. Nigeria is disadvantaged by the paucity of skilled eHealth experts within its healthcare sector.

Sabaoth Technologies Ltd., Nigeria’s foremost e-health technology and software development firm,  is skilled at solving health IT challenges. We provide innovative technology driven solutions tailored to your needs. We believe passionately in the utility of information communication technology to transform healthcare in Nigeria and are equally passionate about our role in this transformation.

Our clients share a similar passion,thus we strive to not only meet but to exceed their expectations.  We know someday we will be beneficiaries of the improved medical care resulting from effective implementation of e-health technology.

Together, we are the future of Nigerian healthcare!

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