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APMIS: Nigeria’s Connected Healthcare Platform

The All Purpose Medical Information System (APMIS) is Nigeria’s connected healthcare platform.

APMIS is a simple means to capture, store, exchange and utilize healthcare data/information easily, transparently, securely in an affordable low cost (cost effective) manner using information technology. It solves the problems associated with data/information/knowledge for hospital owner, healthcare professionals, care givers, patients, government, health maintenance organization and other healthcare stakeholder.

APMIS is more than just an electronic health records(EHR) system or a hospital management software (HMS), it is an innovative Health Information System (HIS) that connects all stakeholders together on a single platform to harness the value that is inherent in our connectedness either for health service delivery, education, research or administration.

APMIS solves health information needs irrespective of location on the value chain as patient, clinician, hospital manger, state government or even the minister of health. It is built to scale up to be a national platform and subsequently a sub-regional platform for health because health and disease knows no geographic boundaries neither is it a respecter of persons.

APMIS helps hospital owners and managers increases profitability significantly, reducing operational cost and overhead while improving significantly the quality of care and patient satisfaction with service delivery and increasing efficiency of care process.

APMIS empowers the patient by ensuring that the patient or client is able to enjoy continuity of care irrespective of the health institution or entity that provides that care whether it is a rural hospital, a private facility, a state general hospital or a tertiary hospital in the city center, to an international consultation. It provides for the patient access to a lifelong medical record while promoting real time multidisciplinary care provision.

It is wholly 100% indigenous application built by medical personnel to solve healthcare information challenges in resource constrained healthcare environment like Nigeria.

It is backed up with over 25 years of health informatics research and a 10 year development cycle. It is standard based using international standards such as ICD 10 cm, ICD 10 PCS, LOINC, SNOMED CT, ICPN, RxNorm etc.

It consist of  modules focused on clinical care namely user management (inclusive of human resource module), setup, health records, clinic management, ward management, clinical documentation, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology inclusive of a PACS and RIS, inventory (inclusive of medical consumables), telemedicine, payment (e-payment),health insurance, communication (sms, email, voice calls and intra-application alerts), theatre, immunization and blood bank.

It is extremely user friendly with great user experience.

APMIS can definitely be scale down to fit any hospital or other health entity-pharmacy, laboratory or imaging center.

APMIS would allow health institutions institution to be connected to Nigeria finest and best health care institutions and have access to expert consultant in the country or even an international expert consultation irrespective of the health facility’s geographical locations.

APMIS is offered based on subscription based model for support and implementation to help lower the barrier to transforming your healthcare delivery organisation.

It is deployed within the context of a full Health –IT implementation consisting of about 7 cost centers viz:1)User assessment, training and support 2)Hardware: client devices and server 3) network 4) software 5) power 6)digitization of health records 7) soft skills: project management/consultancy.

We are currently implementing in Nigeria largest and most complex health Institution, University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan. A 955 bed hospital, 750 physicians,250+ consultants, 33 clinical departments, 4200 work staff with an annual patient load of over 165,000 outpatients and over 14000 inpatient admission with over 45 wards and over 10 outpatient clinics as well as other healthcare facilities across the country.

It is indeed the rebirth of excellence for Nigerian healthcare.

APMIS: Transforming Nigeria’s Healthcare …speedily!

Online resources for APMIS include

e-brochure: www.sabaothtechnologies.com/brochure
online demo: www.sabaothtechnologies.com/onlinedemo
video: www.sabaothtechnologies.com/videos
Implementation cost Model: www.sabaothtechnologies.com/cost
Sign up @ www.sabaothtechnologies.com/signup

facebook page: www.facebook.com/apmis.ng