Transform Your Hospital

Our goal is to assist you transform your hospital effortlessly improving your profitability, efficiency and quality of care through information technology by implementing successfully a cost-effective integrated Electronic Health Information System to achieve the following:

A) Patient care: Make your hospital more patient friendly and improve quality of care.

  1. Reduce drastically the processes it takes to enjoy services in your hospital.
  2. Reduce the necessity for patient or patient relatives to walk back and forth in order to receive care or services.
  3. Increase and improve the feedback system for patient interaction with the hospital, your patient complaints are easily identified and tackled efficiently.
  4. Enable and encourage electronic payment in order to improve transparency and increase revenue generation and reduce cash handling within the hospital.
  5. Enable payment at points of service within the hospital, as well as ability for patient relatives in the Diaspora or outside the hospital to make payment for services directly.
  6. Drastically reduce time wasted in “waiting” to enjoy services in your hospital.
  7. Enhance the health seeking behavior of patient through efficient and effective health education.
  8. Provide international consultation for your patients within your hospital.

B) Staff welfare: Make your hospital the best hospital to work in and improve efficiency.

  1. Provide workers with easy access to required information to perform duties efficiently and effectively in the hospital.
  2. Improve communication between patients, administration and staff.
  3. To implement a solution that enables a transparent, performance driven work environment.
  4. Provide feedback mechanism on outcome of work performance especially for clinical staff.
  5. Provided decision support tools to aid improved performance outcome
  6. Ensure only the optimum number of staff is employed.
  7. Provide on-premise continuous professional development for all employees

C) Management: Make your hospital easy to manage and increase profitability.

  1. Increase revenue through multiple income streams.
  2. Decrease expenditure and wastages
  3. Provide mechanism to monitor input, output and processes of the hospital services.
  4. Provide mechanism to implement and monitor staff performance of activities.
  5. Reduce the paper work and processes required to manage the hospital.
  6. Provide remote monitoring for activities and processes within your hospital
  7. Improve revenue collection cycle as well as significantly reduce pilferage.
  8. Reduce overhead expenses and payroll burden.
  9. Increase patient satisfaction and word of mouth recommendation for your services.
  10. Showcase advancement in the hospital as well as increase the reputation of your hospital in your environment, nationally and worldwide.
  11. Become the healthcare provider of choice.

For more details please download our brochure: transforming your hospital